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When your business or community is faced with sudden issues that complicate managerial responsibilities, you need to communicate in the most efficient and reliable way possible. You need the Affordable Messaging and notification system. We can help you more effectively deal with corporate change, crisis management, and public safety concerns. Through fast, precise, and organized announcements, we can accommodate the best interests of your business and maximize safety in your community.


The Affordable Messagingm notification system is an invaluable resource and the leader in corporate communications. Our advanced alerts can be achieved through a variety of media, including: • Bulk email campaigns • Email messaging • Fax broadcasting • Fax messaging • Voice messaging • Voice broadcasting • And mass voice mail distribution

These easy-to-use, systems require no installation of complicated software. We only need your contacts and your message, and in just seconds, 10 or 1,000,000 recipients will receive your important information. We understand how vital time-management can be in a business environment and how lifesaving it can be for members of a community.

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Companies can update investors, inform customers, schedule meetings, or issue press releases through an email campaign. Police, fire, and other 911 personnel can provide municipal warnings, weather advisories, and even terrorism alerts in a blast voice mail . There is no limit to the communications capabilities we can provide through fax broadcasting, bulk email, and voice messaging. No longer will you need to manually deliver faxes or emails. No longer will you spend all day on the phone. Affordable Messaging offers the fastest notification system available. If you are ready to serve your customers, colleagues, and members of your community more proficiently than ever before, then we are ready to serve you. Contact Affordable Messaging now!

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