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New York Virtual Communication Services

Affordable Messaging provides mass email and voicemail services for New York businesses, like hospitals, legal offices, realtors, financial institutions, and more. See how we can improve your client attraction rate!


Put your marketing messages right at your clients’ fingertips with our email and voicemail blast services. Affordable Messaging assists New York businesses in various industries to increase their client attraction and retention rates with our virtual communication services.

Having your receptionist or office managers handle your email, voicemail and conference call services takes up a large bandwidth of man-hours. Outsourcing these tasks gives your company more time to do what you excel at: impressing first-time clients and delivering excellent and individualized customer service. Let us handle your client lists and synchronize how your brand reaches them for optimal client attraction and retention.

Today’s market is extremely fast-paced, and your brand or services can be forgotten within seconds if you don’t stand out or keep in contact with your customers. With our bulk email messaging services, you continue to reach these customers at critical decision-making times and keep your brand awareness alive. Here is how it works:

  • Start with our free initial consultation to establish company goals
  • Tailor your mass communications service plan based on your industry and our experience
  • Choose communication frequency based on your message, client relevancy and budget
  • Track the click-open or voicemails received rate
  • Prepare follow-up communication to continue to push brand awareness
  • Repeat the cycle with each new potential customer

Email marketing and other options of virtual communications truly do work. It is especially beneficial and efficient for the following industries for these types of communications:

  • Real estate to announce recent homes sold, service provision and mortgage industry news
  • Credit card companies/collection agencies for new offers or locating hard-to-reach clients
  • Telecommunications services for new packages or products
  • Banks and credit unions for new service announcements, rate changes and more
  • Pharmaceutical companies for new drug announcements and drug recalls
  • Mortgage companies for rate changes and new buyer programs
  • Political for voting and community safety messages
  • Retail for weekly, monthly and holiday sales

Get to the forefront of all your potential customers with our mass virtual communications services! Every way you can consistently put your brand out there gets your company closer to its sales goal. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing options and virtual communications packages.

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